Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin

CEO and Executive Creative Director

  • Grew up in Chapel Hill and often chants Tar Heel fight songs
  • Serves on the boards of a bank and the GSU Honors College
  • Has published four books, one on women entrepreneurs
  • Sometimes medals in her age group in trail races
  • Ran the NYC marathon. Once
  • Is learning to play the dulcimer
  • Despite a total lack of musical talent

Steve Baskin

President and Chief Strategy Officer

  • Has worked for some of the world’s largest and smallest brands
  • In both agencies and client-side
  • Responsible for introducing the ING brand to the US
  • Has a ton of orange clothing with ING logos
  • Runs triathlons, marathons, and once, a half Iron Man
  • Has played in bands since he was 15
  • Taught himself guitar on a Sears Roebuck Silvertone

Brittany Silberman

Account Manager

  • Can run a conference call like nobody’s business
  • Has an odd passion for spreadsheets
  • Once handled PR for the lumberjacks you see on ESPN
  • Had childhood dreams of being on Broadway
  • Has hired a dog whisperer to train her lab puppy Bodie
  • Is obsessed with kale
  • Is unstoppable

Cassondra Berardicurti

Art Director

  • Designer that’s nerdy enough to operate the backend of a website
  • Inspired by the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and Albrecht Dürer
  • Started creating handwritten fonts in Middle School
  • Around the same time, she had an alter ego named Herbie
  • Honorable Mention All-American lacrosse player
  • Wants “The Ocean” by Led Zeppelin to be her walkout song
  • Won “Best in Show” at Art Institute of Atlanta

Matt Maggart

Traffic Manager

  • Has been sky diving twice
  • Is not scared by tight deadlines
  • Because he will nag the rest of us until we get it done
  • Tells people he’s from Texas, but he’s not
  • His family calls him Chubs
  • Or Uncle. He has four nephews
  • Makes his own beef jerky

David LaMarca

Technology Director

  • Studied at Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY and M.I.T.
  • Founding member of the Georgia Alliance of IT
  • Was the national director for The Hummer Club
  • Disaster relief coordinator after Hurricane Katrina
  • Huge fan of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors
  • More comfortable in the woods than indoors
  • As long as he has internet access

Stephen Burns


  • Built his own recording studio in his basement
  • Out of ping-pong tables, mattresses and old sleeping bags
  • Stays up late every night writing songs and short stories
  • Made straight A’s in a feminist poetry course
  • Can turn technospeak and legalese into stuff real people can read
  • Has an impressive vocabulary
  • Was voted Prom King in high school

Lainkor Deng


  • Has nine siblings
  • Born in South Sudan
  • Lived in Egypt for four years
  • Moved to Atlanta when she was eight
  • Has been dating her boyfriend for six years
  • Used to be a contemporary dance performer
  • Is currently studying for the CPA exams
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