Make Your Entire Workforce Your Sales Force

Do you want to grow your business? There really isn’t a company or leader that doesn’t want to grow their business.  An easy way to grow is to have your entire workforce be your sales force.  Here are a few quick ways to turn employees into brand ambassadors and gradually into a huge sales team.

Spend time and resources providing employees education and direction.  Employees need to feel confident in the product or service you offer before they will be comfortable selling it.  Confidence stems from completely understanding the company’s capabilities and knowing what is expected of them as part of your sales team.  Allocate  resources to make sure your employees understand the benefits of what you sell as well as how you want them to sell.  Are they casually bringing up the product or service in social settings or would you like them to make a few cold calls each month?  You need to provide them direction and outline pre-determined goals. 

Don’t just dangle carrots, give them freely! Most people don’t have a ton of extra time at the end of their day.  If you want employees to go above and beyond and help grow the business, develop programs that not only give them motivation but reward their effort and accomplishments. This doesn’t have to be a budget buster but money you spend in this area will be well worth it in the long run.  Some ideas include simple internal contest with prizes and recognition for the most contacts or calls made in a period of time – or recognize the person who develops the most comprehensive plan.  The mechanism or contest itself is not nearly as important as providing consistent recognition and reward for effort.

Provide on-going support.  As we all know, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Changing your workforce into a sales force will take time.  To ensure your employees stay motivated, provide on-going support and update your recognition programs and education materials.  Most importantly, take time to listen and groom your team.  This will be a new challenge for them and they will need your support as they are expanding their skills.

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