4 reasons not to let employee feedback slip through the cracks

by | Nov 30, 2017

What’s the danger of asking for employee feedback? Letting it fall into a black hole. If companies are spending time and money gathering information from associates, employees will want to know how their responses are being used. If leadership doesn’t complete the circle, then company culture, perceptions and morale are guaranteed to stay the same.

Below are four reasons why execs should address concerns being raised by associates: 

  1. Values employee voices. Asking and acting on feedback gives associates the chance to feel that their voices and opinions are being heard and matter. This appreciation can help cultivate a greater sense of belonging within the company.
  2. Shows willingness to change. Listening to and applying employee feedback to the organizations strategy can help motivate employees to excel in their positions and produce a better product or service for the company.
  3. Job Satisfaction. If there is an issue that’s consistently brought up by employees, it’s most likely affecting their job satisfaction. By addressing the issue, hopefully it can help create a better work environment, which can lead to employees feeling happier in their positions and wanting to stay with the organization long term.
  4. Enhanced Recruitment. By understanding how employees feel about their job, employers are able to understand the positions and better attract and keep talent that is a great fit for the organization.

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