4 ways to align your team with the company’s vision

by | Feb 15, 2018

True success as a company comes when you can align your employees with your vision. When employees feel connected to the direction of your company, they better understand their role in the structure and how their job can impact the success of the overall organization.

Your vision is the common goal that unites the employees. When everyone is engaged and working in the same direction, the company works smarter and better. And it’s leadership’s responsibility to communicate and align employees, especially as the company evolves.

Here are four ways that Tribe recommends sharing your vision with your company:

1) A vision book to set the landscape.  The goal of this product is to clearly articulate the vision, often along with the values that support that vision. There’s never a wrong time to unveil a vision book, but they can make the most sense during the launch of a major cultural transformation or immediately following a large-scale change, such as a major acquisition or a new CEO.

2) Leadership communications to make it relevant. Employees need leadership to lead by example. In town halls presentations, blogs and intranet articles, the vision can anchor executive announcements in any channel. When executives use their platform to tie company information back to the vision, it helps increase employee confidence in the company and trust in its management.

3) Manager communications to relate the vision to day-to-day work. Although leadership communication is important to set the bar for the vision, employees will look to their direct managers to understand how the vision impacts their individual jobs. This is where talking points and other communication materials can make it easier for managers to work vision into the conversation.

4) A culture magazine to share progress toward that vision.  Including articles on teams or individuals that have contributed to the company’s success help show the real life application of following the vision. Employees appreciate reading about the roles their coworkers are playing in achieving goals, whether those coworkers are in positions like to their own, or in completely different silos.


Need help aligning your team to the company’s vision? Tribe can help.

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