Building employee relationships can build employee engagement

by | Feb 22, 2018

To build employee engagement, create opportunities for employees to relate to each other. When employees have strong relationships at work, they’re more likely to be engaged — and to stick around. Here are three ways to make that happen:

  1. Look for ways to build visibility across silos. Help build awareness of the people and the work being done in different geographical locations and functional areas — through the intranet, employee publications, town halls or other channels. When employees are aware of other colleagues and the work that their doing, it smooths the way to potential collaboration down the road.


  1. Make celebrities of employees. Build in employee spotlights or other storytelling aspects to your recognition programs to help build human connections. Use photos of actual employees whenever you can, whether it’s for employee of the month or just a service milestone.


  1. Use wellness to create a level playing field. Fitness competitions, fitness tracker step-counting contests and other wellness initiatives are a great way to break down barriers between employees, managers and leadership. Nothing puts people on the same level like working out together. These sorts of programs also allow employees to build relationships that transcend workplace conversation, which can be valuable when they’re back in the office.


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