How to bring your company’s vision to life

by | Mar 1, 2018

The best way to have your employees embrace the vision of the company is by communicating how their individual roles support the overall vision. This is an important first step because the employee may not realize how their work is connected to the company vision and how it directly affects the output. Help them understand how they tie-in to the bigger picture of the company.

Here are three ideas that can help put the company vision in the forefront with employees so they are able to accept and live it on a daily basis:


1) Provide talking points for managers

If your company holds any daily check-ins or meetings, those are great places to start when it comes to educating employees about the vision. However, sometimes managers feel uncomfortable starting these types of conversations. You can better prepare them by giving them talking points or conversation guides that exhibit a range of real-time situations where the vision can be applied. An example of this could be a weekly discussion topic that illustrates the company vision clearly and helps employees better understand how they apply it in their jobs.

 2) Recognize employees who embody the vision

Employees want to know that leadership is paying attention to those who are living the vision and rewarding them for it. By recognizing employees who are living the vision on the company’s intranet, or in a weekly email, or even in a departmental meeting, it shows that the leadership team takes the vision seriously and celebrate them for it.

 3) Incorporate the vision into the review process

Including the company vision in employees’ annual or quarterly performance reviews is a powerful way to make the vision relevant. If employees see that they’ll be measured on how well they apply the vision in their jobs, they’re more likely to ladder everything they do back to the vision on a more regular basis.

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