Three tips for a successful internal newsletter

by | Mar 8, 2018

Digital newsletters are a great resource for timely communications, highlighting a variety of subjects, people and news from across your organization. A well-executed newsletter provides the opportunity to bridge silos, create shared pride and boost recognition.

Often produced as a monthly publication, newsletters can be efficient to create while remaining reasonably priced. Here are three simple tips for producing an engaging and efficient publication.

  1. Develop an editorial plan. Establishing reoccurring topics and themes for each issue will take a load off the planning process at the beginning of each issue. Think through your messaging and communication goals for the newsletter and be sure to work each of them into the plan. Allow for flexibility by including a feature story, but we would recommend at least three basics, like employee spotlights, leadership Q&A or wellness and volunteerism updates.
  2. Appoint an editorial board. At the start of each new issue, gather your established team composed of people from across different segments of the organization. All it takes is one organized conference call to discuss potential stories and features for the upcoming issue. By the time the call ends, you should have your identified editorial plan for the next issue, and the correct contacts for interviews and other content needs.
  3. Keep revisions to a minimum. For the best, and most efficient results, collaborate on the front end of the newsletter, not the back end. Once the articles are written and the issue is laid out into the established design, keep the circle of reviewers as tight as possible. Multiple rounds of revisions can do damage to your timeline, and as a result, impact the budget.

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