Three hot topics for your company’s careers page

by | Mar 29, 2018


Your careers page is an important element in the recruitment stage of the employee life cycle. The ground has shifted to a candidates market, which means hiring professionals need to work harder and smarter to secure top talent. By understanding what attracts prospective employees, companies can better recruit and retain candidates that are the right fit for their team.

The careers page can give potential candidates a peek inside your company and how they would fit in. Including one or all of the topics below is a great start:

  1. Company Growth

Potential applicants want to be inspired and confident about the company they’re choosing to apply with. Providing a history of past growth and strategies for future growth can help show that your company is a place where employees don’t just work, but grow their careers.

  1. Culture

If you’ve got ping pong tables in the break room and an open floor plan – show it off! Job seekers are looking for companies that they feel are a good fit culturally. So, if wellness, volunteerism, or job flexibility is major part of your company’s culture, don’t forget to showcase it. Because that may be exactly what your future associate is looking for too.

  1. Q&A

Whether it’s a Q&A with leadership or hourly staff, posting a set of responses can help future candidates learn more about who they’re working with and who they’re working for. Having employees answer questions about the culture, company values, or their accomplishments can paint a nice picture of what life at the organization looks like.


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