Let your employees know their benefits, before another company does

by | Apr 5, 2018

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Your benefits, of course. You offer more than a salary, and that matters to employees. Benefits and perks shouldn’t be hidden or only mentioned in interviews. Consistent communication about the many ways the company supports them in their lives reminds them why they work. However, they won’t know that unless you tell them.

On-boarding is an opportunity to do more than introduce leadership and offer a FAQ’s page. Right out of the gate, let them in on perks they have access to. Some companies offer assistance in finding a moving company, which new hires might be in need of. Something as simple as offering to connect a new hire with reliable movers during on-boarding shows that you care about more than what happens between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Utilize digital signage to remind employees of uncommon benefits. Companies are starting to offer assistance in areas most people wouldn’t assume. That can include private financial planning advice, free counseling, help finding daycare for children and even help planning parties and events. They might not take advantage of every perk, but reminding them they have options shows that you’re there to help in different situations.

If digital signage isn’t in your communication strategy, schedule emails to go out when the information is relevant. When an employee returns from maternity or paternity leave, remind them if they the option to work remote once a week. The majority of people who move to a new house do so in the summer; send a notice that you can take a little stress from the moving process away. Before the holidays arrive, let employees know if you offer assistance planning vacations and travel. Any time you make an employee’s life easier, you show that you’re more than ‘just a job’.

The hunt for talent can be very difficult. A sales rep can find work at a thousand different companies, just within your city. What you offer outside of a salary can be the difference in retaining high level talent, or constantly searching for new blood. Your total rewards package is just as important as the work.


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