Fonts: The sound behind your brand voice

by | Apr 19, 2018


When you visit the zoo, what sounds do the animals make? Birds chirp, bears growl and snakes hiss. But what if you were looking at a lion, and when it opened its mouth, it made the sound of a duck? It just doesn’t fit.

This same concept applies to your brand voice and brand fonts. When you are selecting your brand fonts, whether external or internal, you want them to convey the voice your brand speaks in.

A sports apparel company may go with a heavy sans serif font to convey the strength and power of their brand. A jewelry company may select a serif or script that’s more elegant. This visual component is so important, especially when you connect the font with the words you are saying.

When choosing fonts, take a step back, and then another step. When we’re selecting a font or series of fonts for an internal brand, we take all things into consideration to ensure that the everything is in sync with the brand and that it all fits properly. Often times, we will choose an alternate font, that may stray slightly from the current brand, to add a font that has more character or gives off a friendlier tone than a ridged san serif font.

The words are the backbone of any message. What you write is very important, but if you’re using a goofy font to display those words, then the message loses some credibility. Finding the perfect match isn’t rocket science, it just takes some understanding of the business and finding that perfect voice for how you communicate with your employees.

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