3 ways to boost employee engagement through wellness

by | May 3, 2018

Many companies implement employee wellness programs, but forget to take advantage of the opportunity to increase employee engagement once it launches. When brainstorming your company’s next big wellness initiative, consider programs that don’t just focus on individual employees, but help associates connect with their co-workers in different departments and offices. Wellness can bring the company together to become healthier, while also helping employees engage with coworkers they might not know otherwise.

Here’s 3 ways to help make it happen:

  1. Make it a competition

Whether the prize is a free lunch, paid day off, or cold hard cash, competition can encourage the most unlikely of participants to join in on the fun. Setting up something as simple as a pushup competition – or as extensive as a month-long fitness contest, gives all types of employees the chance to meet, interact and bond over a common purpose.

  1. Create a collaborative goal

If competition is likely to tear the office apart rather than bring it together, then consider a goal that the whole office can work towards. Collectively walking a certain amount of steps per week, or setting a group weight loss goal are great ways to encourage teamwork and healthy habits at the same time.

  1. Start a virtual competition across locations

This can be particularly exciting and relevant for companies with offices around the globe. Creating a competition that allows employees to compete against other locations helps build a sense of comradery and bring visibility to other units of the business.



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