Four ways to create an engaging intranet

by | May 10, 2018

Imagine inviting the entire company to a meeting in a room with blank walls, no food, no refreshments and nothing to stimulate or engage them. Chances are, everyone is going to leave before you get the chance to tell them why you called them there.

Are you making that mistake with your company intranet? You can’t expect employees to keep visiting your intranet if you don’t give them any reason to stay. Simply linking to PDF’s of your company benefits and PTO policy won’t cut it. This is a chance to encourage discussion and teamwork.

Here are four ways to increase traffic and usage of your intranet.

  1. Create a space where leadership can communicate with the company. This can take the form of a letter, a question and answer session or a live video stream. Not only does this put a face to leadership and make the conversation personal, it helps show employees why they’re working and who they’re working for.
  2. Provide a place for different departments to communicate. This is a perfect place for FAQ’s that are only relevant for certain divisions. Employees can also share best practices they’ve discovered. In a shared company space, departments can update each other on projects they’re currently working on or completed.
  3. Make it personal. Not too personal, of course, but gives employees the option to upload profile pictures or write a short bio. People in different offices can put a face to a name and feel like they had a genuine interaction with a colleague.
  4.  If you have a volunteer program, let people know. Create a reminder that employees can opt in to receive, or post about recurring or new opportunities to get involved. Studies show 89 percent of employees believe organizations that sponsor volunteer activities provide a better overall work environment. This also builds camaraderie between peers outside the workplace. In short, an online community can become an offline community, and that builds a stronger bond at work.

Do you need help making your intranet interesting and engaging? Tribe can help.

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