by | Jun 21, 2018


Using a consistent set of visual language for your internal communications will add to the power and integrity of your employer brand. Symbols, in the form of icons, are a simple way to incorporate this language into messaging.Collecting an alphabet or library of clear, consistent, and recognizable icons can be an important brand asset for your internal communications. Here are three tips to building an effective icon library:


  1. Be consistent within your brand. Commissioning an icon library from an illustrator ensures a unique and holistic collection of icons, but you also can assemble an icon library from stock vector art. If you go the stock route, just be sure to maintain similar shapes, curves, and thickness of strokes so the icons feel like they were created as a family.


  1. Simplicity is key. Ideally, employees should understand what an icon means immediately and without thinking about it at all. Simple, clean and minimalistic designs of universal symbols avoids confusion and miscommunication. Don’t use complex metaphors for symbols unless these ideas are already commonplace throughout your company.


  1. The library will grow over time. Building an icon library is usually an ongoing process. You might start with a substantial collection but find you need to incorporate new icons as you go. For instance, you might want to add new icons for new developments in strategy, vision, product lines or even benefits.


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