by | Jul 26, 2018

Employees can be subjected to an unruly amount of company-wide emails, which leads you to wonder – do they ever read them? The most likely answer is no. When employees have to deal with mass email blasts on a daily basis, they become overwhelmed and begin to ignore the communications.

This is a problem because that means employees are ignoring important or urgent company emails, in addition to emails not relevant to them.

So how do you make sure your emails are flagged as a priority in their inbox? By using these four steps:

  1. Cut copy. Work to keep emails to 100 words or less, whenever possible. If there are additional details they might need, direct them to the intranet or provide a relevant link. The longer the email, the less likely they are to read the whole thing.  Employees can quickly lose interest and feel they don’t have the time to keep going. Keeping it simple will keep their attention.
  2. Organize content. Set up your emails to be easy to read by applying bullet points and other organizational elements that can help employees quickly scan the contents.
  3. Get to the point. Employees will be scanning the email to see what their call to action is. If it’s buried too far down, you may lose interest before it’s found. Communicating the call to action within the subject or first line will draw interest and keep the email from getting overlooked.
  4. Spice it up. Include visuals within your email to draw attention. In an inbox full of text, including a picture can help grab attention and give a hint at what the email will be about. Also, once employees start associating corporate emails with a picture, they may recognize and read your emails more quickly.   

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