by | Aug 9, 2018

What is gamification? Gamification is the integration of gaming mechanics to incentivize participation and increase overall performance in non-gaming areas. Gamification uses collected information to motivate users the same way video game developers use data to engage their players and make their games fun. This can be applied to almost anything: education, fitness, customer engagement and more, including, engaging your employees.

What are the benefits of gamification? Gamification delivers proven results in productivity, engagement and drive. You may be worried that bringing a sense of play into your organization may depreciate the value of the work and make the workplace culture frivolous. Just the opposite – game elements will bring teams closer together and can break down restrictive professional barriers. At the same time, using the competitive element in games can ignite your employees desire to succeed, complete work, and do it well. Workers want to be recognized and rewarded for the hard work they put into your company and gamification is a great way to accomplish this. Gamification may lower rates of employee turnover, improve efficiency and optimize your company.

Applying gamification in the workplace. Gamification is not about playing games in the office, it’s about taking the motivational techniques of games to amplify an existing experience. It should be used to complement programs you may already have in place and also offer diverse rewards beyond just monetary incentives such as branded gifts, marks of prestige or time off. Using points, leaderboards and amusing team names can make previously boring tasks more interesting. Introducing competition to non-business-related programs such as wellness will improve your employees work-life balance. For example, using exercise-tracking devices to create fitness competitions builds happier, healthier and more productive workers.

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