by | Aug 16, 2018

There are many factors that contribute to an engaged workforce. Engaged employees are more likely to know that they are appreciated and that their role contributes to the success of the organization. When it comes to instilling that message throughout the company, Tribe often recommends a recognition program. From dedicated website portals, to a verbal “thank you,” there are many effective methods to increase confidence and morale.

Establishing a recognition program might seem daunting, not to mention costly, but there are plenty of easy-to-execute, low-cost solutions as well. Below is a sampling of a few solutions for implementing a recognition program.

1. Support a culture of recognizing standout employees during regular meetings.Rewarding employees in front of their peers puts extra emphasis on fostering pride. Encourage leaders to add a few minutes into the agenda of existing weekly or monthly team meetings to spotlight individuals who deserves it.

2. Establish a recognition item that can be passed on to others.The actual item can be determined by your culture – at Tribe we use a large jar – but the concept stays the same. Starting with the team leader, give it to someone who’s gone above and beyond. That person will keep the item for a month or quarter, and then pass it on to someone else on the team that deserves the spotlight for their accomplishments. It is important to let them know why they’re receiving the item, to set a standard for a job well done.

3. Provide a sought-after prize to recognize employees’ contributions.This could be as simple as a quarterly breakfast with leadership, or a small gift or collectable token. The ability to attend an exclusive event or receive a keepsake can go a long way to make employees feel appreciated.

4. Spotlight outstanding employees with a story of their accomplishments.Consider establishing an “employee of the month” program or a spotlight section in your internal newsletter, magazine or on your intranet. Not only will it make that employee feel recognized for their contributions, but it will allow other employees to read why that person was selected and set their sights on how to be nominated in the future. A written feature can also serve as a great reminder of your organization’s best practices.

Interested in developing a recognition program? Tribe can help.

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