by | Sep 19, 2018

Do you use infographics in internal communications? Infographics, images used to relay information, are not a new concept. They are a tried and true way to communicate ideas that people have been using since the days of relating the size of last season’s hunt in ancient cave paintings. In the information age, infographics have evolved to mass communicate complex ideas in a simple and easy to digest format. People share them all over the internet using social media due to their compelling and visually appealing images. The majority of people self-identify as visual learners and understand information best when they can see it. The way infographics simplify data, explain concepts, and show trends make them an integral tool for communicating with employees.


Professional graphics will bring once boring slideshow presentations to life. Bare decks or text-heavy slides causes audiences to tune out regardless of content and delivery. Using infographic design in presentations breaks down the information to the important ideas so it can be absorbed in memorable chunks.


Infographics are used successfully in classroom textbooks, why should workplace training be any different? They are a perfect tool for teaching employees what they need to get the job right. Visualized complex information can be part of manuals or printed out and given to employees as collateral, which they can keep at their desk as a consistent reference. Visual instruction manuals help your employees succeed and avoids common mistakes.


When a new hire is joins your team a mountain of new information is usually presented to them. Rules, guidelines, wellness programs, explanations of benefits, and more are blasted in their direction and some essential information will get lost in the noise. The employee is trying their hardest to get acclimated to your company’s culture, why not help them out by presenting this information using infographics? Break down that dense material and highlight the important bits that your employees need to get on board.


Good visual design in your communications make your team’s communications rise above the rest. Using professionally made infographics for internal communications will show employees that you care about how your company looks both inside and out. Team members will compare these communications with how previous employers relayed information to them. Infographics resonate with their audience and your internal communications to your employees are no different than your external communications to your customers.

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