by | Sep 27, 2018

Digital signage is quickly becoming a go-to internal communications channel, and there are plenty of reasons why. Whether your employees work in a corporate office, manufacturing plant, distribution center, hotel or restaurant, digital signage gives companies of all sizes and industries the ability to communicate consistently.

When it comes to engagement, thinking strategically and creatively will make all the difference, especially during launch. Here are three tips to increase engagement through digital signage, while keeping it simple.

1. Develop and execute an editorial calendar. It’s important to be timely when communicating the latest news, but planning and creating content for evergreen messaging will keep your content fresh and engaging. Calendarizing your communications goals can help keep your messaging consistent throughout the year, driving home the ultimate goal of connecting employees’ day-to-day jobs to the vision of the company.

2. Repurpose existing communications to emphasize your message through multiple channels. We’re believers that all communications channels should work together to get the best possible reach. When the latest version of the newsletter is distributed, or an employee recognition announcement is sent out, tease it through digital signage and direct employees to where they can go to learn more.

3. Invest in a platform that makes communicating easier. There are plenty of options available to make customizing digital signage and serving localized content easier than ever. Features range from simple tools to set the order and length of each slide, to more complex qualities like web interaction and presentation capabilities. For success in both launch and long-term engagement, be sure to select a provider with the winning combination of great technology and backend simplicity.

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