by | Oct 4, 2018

While watching a new documentary on Apple Music about Ed Sheeran and his songwriting process, he said that when he first started to write songs they were all terrible and for about five years he said, he was writing songs that weren’t all that great. But in the process of writing bad songs, he started writing good songs. In order to grow as a creative individual, it’s important to get rid of all the bad ideas, so you can make room for all the good ones.

Keep on designing.  Every once in a while the first thing you design will be the final piece you send to the client. But when you’re not firing on all cylinders it’s important to work through the bad designs, so that you start to actually get creative and start problem solving with design.

Finish a bad idea. Most times if you think you’re going down a rabbit hole with a design, or things aren’t clicking, you should stop and move on to something else. But it’s important to always finish an idea. If you don’t, you may find yourself circling back to it at another time. Work all the way through a bad design so you can ensure it’s out of your system.

 The more the merrier. The more you design, the better. If you get in the habit of designing three to five versions of something, you can get rid of the weak directions and show your client a selection of strong work. Designing multiple directions give you the flexibility to show what you actually want to show, not just one thing because that’s all you could think of.

It sometimes takes a lot of work to get to that one perfect solution. Use design as a problem solving technique and develop as much fresh and new creative as you can. With time, you’ll find that your work will get stronger and you’ll be more confident in what you’re showing to your clients.

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