by | Oct 30, 2018

The best way to learn about a company’s culture is to talk with the people who live and breathe that culture every day. We do this in the Discovery phase of most of our client engagements, but we also get a deep dive into the culture when we do employee interviews for videos used in all sorts of internal communications.

This week we’re editing some of the footage we shot recently with employees of a global tech client. We talked to employees in three different countries and a wide range of job functions, and of course saw lots of individual differences. But overwhelmingly we heard the same comments from employees, no matter where in the company they sit.

These employees talked a lot about the excitement of learning every day. Part of that is likely because they’re in the IT industry, but it also seems to spring from the company values of curiosity and passion. Whether these employees were programmers or marketers or accountants, they talked about the satisfaction of working with smart, talented people and about the company’s commitment to help them grow in their careers.

They also talked about collaboration, another of the company values. Within functions, across departments, spanning geography, these employees are enjoying the sense of teamwork and problem-solving that comes when you challenge a group to figure out a new way.

And they talked about the satisfaction of helping their clients transform their businesses. They talked about building those relationships as partners to their clients, and about the honor of knowing the clients trust them to have their best interests at heart.

We’ve done these sorts of videos with several clients, and they never fail to inspire me. During the course of the interviews, I tend to be very focused on whichever individual we’re interviewing at the time, hoping to make them feel comfortable enough on camera to have a relaxed conversation about what it’s like for them to work for this particular company.

That makes editing a process of discovering one gem after another. You begin to hear the same themes repeated, from different points of view. You hear one example after another of the culture the executive leadership team has been trying to build becoming real for their people.

These videos are powerful in a way that leadership communications just can’t match. The CEO could talk all day long about the client-centric company purpose and the values of collaboration, curiosity, passion and others — and it would not have half the power of hearing employees speak, in their own words, about how those principles impact their day-to-day work.

That’s when you know what really drives a culture. When you hear it from one employee after another, throughout the company, all over the world.

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