by | Nov 15, 2018

An employer brand is more than a witty line and nice design. Done well, it serves as the communications anchor to a company’s vision and values. We were debating the value of a new employer brand with the Human Resources team of a large company this week. The conversation aired some interesting points about how strong employer branding is essential to the communications strategy.

The employer brand is often thought of as a platform for recruiting and communicating to prospective employees. That’s important, but it’s much more than that. It helps us communicate all aspects of the employee value proposition inside the company. It helps cement the advantages and benefits of working for the company, which improves both engagement and overall retention.

Developing an employer brand that helps align employee behavior, requires deep knowledge of the company and its EVP. Again, it’s more than a witty line. The positioning has to get down to the company’s DNA. When employees see and hear communications wrapped in the employer brand, they should feel at home. The message must strike them as true. If it doesn’t, the communications will be met with a shrug and an eye roll. For more on differentiating the employer brand and EVP click here.

Adhering to a strong employer brand over time provides ballast to employee communications. This is especially true when communicating change. A well-established employer brand is like a big ship plowing through the waves in the ocean. It provides the weight necessary to keep the winds and currents from blowing the message all over the place and pushing the company off course.

This also makes internal communications work much more efficiently. It can be a shortcut. Without it, you’re constantly starting with a blank sheet of paper. With a strong employer brand, there’s always a starting point for a message a message or campaign.

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