by | Jan 10, 2019

How do we get employees engaged in corporate earnings reports? Communicating earnings reports to employees in a way that’s interesting and engaging causes quarterly hand-wringing in just about every public company.

Employees are very interested in whether they’re more likely to get a bonus or get laid off. Otherwise, there’s very limited interest from the average employee without a C or VP in their job title. The language and terminology used when reporting financials to employees tends to be the same language that companies use when they’re reporting to shareholders and analysts. The trends and numbers that are reported tend to be high-level or global numbers that can be very hard for someone down in the business to relate to or understand.

Connection to the vision. Quarterly financial reporting is an opportunity to highlight progress toward company goals. If your company has a well-documented vision or business strategy, this is a great time to help employees connect the dots between that vision and the company’s financial performance.

We tend to be fans of teams. College football fans understand that their team is part of the NCAA, and they’re always happy to hear that the sport is doing well. But fans get animated about their team’s performance. Did they win on Saturday? Will they finally get into the playoffs? Are they finally getting the recruiting class that’s going to get them over the hump?

Companies are all about teams. Look for creative ways to bring the financial conversation down from corporate or global level to the team level. By segmenting the financial reports toward divisions or departments – smaller teams – within the organization, it becomes easier for employees to relate to the results. That can help them cheer on good news or to dig in and work harder if results were less than expected.

Connecting high-level financials to team or individual performance requires creativity. It also requires a pretty deep understanding of company goals and departmental contributions. But it’s not an exact science. It’s simply a mindset of connecting financial results to the actions and contributions of employees and team members. When you include employees in the financial conversation in more relevant ways, they’ll to care more deeply about the results.

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