by | Jan 17, 2019

Different employees have different learning styles, which impacts how they prefer to receive communication. When you have employees of all ages, backgrounds, tenures, and departments it’s important to find a communication approach that reaches and resonates with each associate. Just like how kids learn differently in school, adults learn and process information differently in the workplace as well. So while one employee may prefer to receive open enrollment information in an email, another may comprehend the process better in a web-ex meeting.    

These different learning styles present a unique challenge and approach to communications in the workplace. Messages may be reaching the correct audience, but employees may not be understanding what’s in front of them. Reassessing your communications strategy to include multiple channels that support each learning style may be the key in increasing engagement. (For more on matching channels to employee preferences, you might like this blog.)

If you feel your messages aren’t being absorbed by employees, maybe you should consider how learning styles impact your internal communications. Check out the chart below to see if you’re providing a communication option for how each employee might learn best.

Tailoring internal communications to employee learning styles.

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