by | Feb 7, 2019

Establishing a successful internal communications platform like a well-rounded intranet, newsletter or digital signage is great, but it’s fresh content for internal communications that keeps employees coming back for more. The launch of a channel is only the starting line, and having a content creation plan in place should be an important part of the process.

Tribe recommends an establishing a content manager program. Gathering, sorting and editing content from all segments of a company is a seemingly impossible feat, but we’ve got an easy-to-execute solution. Here are four of our suggested tips for creating fresh content for internal communications:

1. Recruit the right team. A program of content managers positioned throughout the company can be a natural source of fresh content for internal communications across functional silos, business units or geographically scattered locations. However, the right employee is key. A successful content manager is often a more junior employee eager to make a name for themselves. Energy level is more important than experience.

2. Spread the word. Tribe usually recommends an announcement from management to reveal their team’s new content managers. Communicating the news of the content managers will serve two purposes: letting employees know who they should go to with their news, and giving the content managers the recognition they deserve.

3. Provide the tools they need to be successful. Before content managers can start producing competing news stories, they will need some guidance. Introducing training tools such as ways to find news, how to connect with newsmakers and what makes information newsworthy will go a long way in the successful launch of your program.

4. Emphasize the WIIFM factor. The role of content manager adds to the workload, so clearly outlining what’s in it for them is important. Good news for you, becoming a content manager is a great opportunity for employees. Not only will they have the chance to stretch beyond their current job descriptions, they will be able to connect and learn from some of the people doing the most important work in the company.

Interested in a program for fresh content for internal communications? Tribe can help.

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