by | Feb 21, 2019

Using social media strategies for internal communications can help improve employee engagement. Social platforms have become increasingly successful in providing an abundance of information, while still keeping their audience engrossed and coming back for more. This is also the goal of internal communicators, but an area that tends to need a lot of help.

Referring to strategies that are successful in social media can help you better understand your audience and how it is they like to be communicated to. Bridging that gap can lead you to adapting an internal comms strategy that better fits and engages the modern day workforce.  

Below are four social media strategies for internal communications:

  1. Short, to the point content. Employees are looking for quick messages that are easily digestible. Avoid information getting lost in lengthy emails by attempting to shorten up your content.
  • Relevant and on-trend ideas. Using elements such as memes, GIFs and popular sayings can quickly catch an employee’s eye and keep them interested in the message you’re trying to communicate.
  • Instant updates. Another great aspect of social media is that it’s released into the world instantly. Information that is timely and relevant shouldn’t have to wait until the next monthly newsletter or quarterly magazine.  Employees don’t want to feel like they’re the last to know important happenings within the company, keep them informed in real time. 
  • Pull instead of push. Include a channel that employees want to visit and where they can choose what they can see, like an intranet. Bonus points if it enables two-way communication through liking, sharing, or commenting.  

Interested in using social media strategies for your internal communications? Tribe can help.


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