by | Mar 27, 2019

One of the most powerful forms of internal communications is visual: employee photography can do what words just can’t. At Tribe, we shoot employees in their work environments with clients ranging from cloud providers to cardboard box manufacturers.

Our goals is to portray employees as heroes.When you take a high-level photographer to a manufacturing plant or even a corporate office, you’re able to make celebrities of the people doing the work of the company. (For reasons not to use stock photography to represent employees, you might want to read this blog.) Employee photography can show the dignity of hard work, the spirit of collaboration, the dedication of professionals. It provides an authentic representation of the people who live and breathe that culture.

This past Sunday’s New York Times includes a fantastic example of employee photography. For a special section called “The Making of the Daily Miracle,” photographer Christoper Payne shot employees in the Queens printing plant who produce the paper every single day. The photos, of both machinery and people, are powerful. Not just for the people reading the paper, but also the ones in the photos.

When this section went to press, employees there experienced something they never had before. “There were guys in the pressroom who were watching photos of themselves being printed,” Payne said, “They have been working there for 20, 30 or more years, and this was the first time they were honored in this way.”

Interested in using employee photography to make heroes of your employees? Tribe can help.

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