by | Apr 4, 2019

An intranet can be so many things, but to internal communications, it’s like Main Street.

Everything is on display there, it’s a place to find information on benefits, figure out who works where, and stay up-to-date on the latest news within the company. It all happens here, but is anyone visiting?

How does it look and how does it function? First impressions are everything, and that goes for your intranet as well. When employees get to the site, you want them to stick around, read any new stories, and be able to find the information they came looking for. In order to do that, you have to focus on design and user experience. Being able to easily navigate the intranet and find what you’re looking for is huge. It shouldn’t be a cumbersome process to find information. And along with that, it should look good too. It should reflect your brand, be inviting, and have a clean, easy-to-use feel.

Is it worth reading? Along with updated the design and user experience, you want to keep the content fresh and engaging. Include more stories about people than about things. Employees enjoy reading stories they can relate to and that spark their interest. Employee Q&A’s, employee stories, executive communications, goings-on, these can all be stories that find their way to the intranet and may have people clicking and reading. Regularly fresh content can drive employees to the intranet and keep them coming back.

How do employees find out about it? Now that all the updated pieces are in place, you want to get people over to the site. This can be done in a number or ways, but some quick solutions are digital signage and/or email (want to learn how to launch your digital signage program, check out this blog). These can be little teasers of what’s on the site or a little piece of information to drive them to the intranet. Tease news stories, share what information can be found on the intranet. Think of this as cracking the door for your employees and now you can let them swing it open.

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