by | Apr 11, 2019

Successfully launching an intranet is a great start for improving internal communications. It is however just that, a start. The real challenges usually come in the following weeks, months, even years. A well thought-out sustaining plan can be the key to keeping engagement high. Here are four tips to keep in mind when launching an intranet.

Keep content fresh.

When used properly, a successful intranet goes beyond the function of a virtual filing cabinet. Fresh, relevant content updated daily or weekly will keep employees coming back. To make every-day content creation more manageable, Tribe recommends establishing a content manager program when launching an intranet. By empowering content managers across geography and work functions, you can build an army of ambassadors who keep news refreshed on an ongoing basis.

Create a welcoming collaboration space.

Breaking down silos through collaboration is a common goal, but often difficult to achieve. Providing employees with a collaboration platform in an environment where they already regularly visit is a big step towards making it easier. When launching an intranet and choosing a collaboration tool for your organization, it’s important to include employees in the discussion to really determine what tool will work best for your culture. 

Offer two-way communication.

Leadership visibility is a frequent request of employees from all types of organizations. Providing an area on your intranet where employees can ask questions, give feedback or voice concerns to leadership is a great way to give them the channel they need. Completing the loop of two-way communication is essential to employees feeling that their input is respected by their top executives.

Provide a positive user experience.

One of the easiest ways to lose engagement in your intranet is to make it difficult to use properly. If employees aren’t getting what they need in an intuitive and productive way, it’s harder to keep them coming back. When launching an intranet, Tribe recommends asking employees what attributes they would like in an intranet. Following launch, it’s also important to keep tabs on the functionality for the best possible experience.

Interested in increasing engagement in your intranet? Tribe can help.

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