by | May 21, 2019

What’s the one thing that can keep star talent at your company even if they’re overworked? Or maybe paid slightly less than they might make at another company? Or subjected to barren break rooms with no free energy drinks or fun snacks? What, indeed, is the secret to retention?

Ironically, helping employees add to their resumes is one of the best ways to retain them.

Meaningful work that allows employees to learn new skills and grow their careers is the real secret to retention. When people are stretched beyond their comfort zones and exposed to new challenges, they feel excited and engaged. Ironically, helping employees add to their resumes is one of the best ways to retain them.

The EVP and Career Growth

Other aspects of the Employe Value Proposition are certainly important. Employees want good salaries and comprehensive benefits. They want to be part of a rich culture. They’re happy to take advantage of any corporate perks that make their lives easier or more fun. But none of that seems to be as important to retention as career growth.

How do you create those opportunities for career growth in your company? One way is to build a strong training and development program. Another is to promote internal hiring and cross-functional moves. Managers taking a keen interest in helping their teams develop their own career paths is yet another.

Showcase Career Growth

But one of the most important things you can do is to showcase the career growth of individual employees. An internal magazine can be a powerful way to do this, with articles that feature the exciting work various employees are doing. You can do the same thing on your intranet. Either channel can also be helpful in connecting silos and making people in different regions or functions more visible to each other. (For more on this, you might like Intranets and Magazines: Connecting employees across silos face-to-face, almost.)

Videos are also a great channel for featuring the career growth of employees. When someone is excited by their work, hearing them describe that work on camera can be particularly powerful.

And of course, you want potential job candidates to know about career growth at your company. Use brief employee testimonials or bios on your career website, or edit very short videos of employees describing the opportunities they’ve had to grow their careers.

The Opportunities Have to Be Real

Of course, career growth is only the secret to retention if exciting work is the reality at your company. But if your employees are finding themselves being pushed to learn and innovate and try new things, then that’s good news for retention in your organization. Communicate that growth all you can.

It’s also a win-win. If employees are growing, then the company is probably growing too — and vice versa.

Interested in showcasing career growth at your company? Tribe can help.

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