by | Jun 13, 2019

Using stock photos to portray employees is a common mistake that many companies make when sharing their communications. Employees immediately recognize that the people in those photos are professional models, not colleagues. This undermines the authenticity of your internal communications. Why not use high quality professional photography of your actual employees in their real workplace?

1. Professional photography makes heroes of your employees. A skilled photographer shooting employees at work can make them look like the celebrities they should be. Employees respond positively when they see people like themselves shown in posters, newsletters, and other collateral, as well as digital communications.

2. Photography of actual employees can connect silos. When you’re able to put a face on a colleague, whether that person is in manufacturing or at headquarters, you humanize them. This allows someone in retail to see a photo of another employee in manufacturing making something that they sell, and that connection brings your company’s team close together. Photography also can show the diversity of your workplace and put faces to global locations.

3. Professional photography is a great investment. You can use images over and over for many different purposes as long as you keep up with your photo library. The benefits of hiring a professional photographer over using inauthentic stock photos or using an amateur camera far outweigh the investment. Their training, (expensive) equipment, and expertise will produce stellar results that will make your company proud.

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