by | Jun 20, 2019

When crafted and administered thoughtfully, an employee engagement survey can provide invaluable feedback. 

Obtaining honest employee feedback is an essential step to improving engagement and productivity. However, there is a lot more that goes into an employee engagement survey than writing up some questions and sending a mass email. To help make your survey a success, we’ve developed a list of our top four tips.

1. Show support from the top. 

Senior management buy-in on an employee engagement survey is a must. Showcasing the business reasons for the survey is a great jumping off point, but without the support of your executive team there’s a chance the survey will fall flat. To get over this hurdle, facilitate meetings with leadership to give them an opportunity to voice any concerns and take part in the survey concepting.

2. Keep it short. 

Tribe’s recommendation is to keep employee surveys to less than 25 questions, and the survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Throwing out a lengthy employee engagement survey could hurt your completion percentage. If strategically written, survey length can usually be significantly slimmed down without compromising the analysis and results.

3. Be clear on the survey’s anonymity. 

Employees are much more likely to respond candidly and honestly if they know you won’t be able to trace their answers back to them. Using too many demographic questions can sometimes make employees feel like as if you are trying to track respondents. Working with a third-party vendor like Tribe can also contribute to employees feeling more secure in their responses.

4. Deliver on your promise. 

One of the worst things you can do after delivering a survey is not following up. By communicating that your employee engagement survey will affect change, you can empower your employees and managers to speak openly about their challenges and suggestions. Think of the reasons you are administering the survey and be prepared to take action on what you uncover.

Interested in facilitating an employee engagement survey? Tribe can help.

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