by | Aug 8, 2019

By now, all businesses should recognize and value the importance of their brand on social media. Not only being on it, but actively engaging with it.

Yet, one strategy that is equally important, but not as adapted, is involving your employees in your brand’s social media marketing. Unfortunately, for some, it is a terrifying concept to let their employees loose on their social media channels. They simply don’t trust their employees to not discredit the organization they are part of. However, if an employee social media policy is already in place, they can easily begin to reap the benefits of increased engagement.

Companies who empower their employees to share content perform better.

According to LinkedIn, employees on average have 10x the reach of corporate accounts, and 2x the engagement. For a business that is just stepping their toes into social media, or trying to expand their social reach, these tips will help increase engagement through employees alone.

1.Create a simple, yet direct, social media policy. Be as clear as possible without overcomplicating the language, so that you can reach all demographics. Employees are already busy with their jobs, so the rules should be as encouraging as possible.

2.Ensure everyone knows about the policy and what it means. So, great communication is key here. Include the policy in new hire orientation and quarterly training sessions. It should be clear at all times that your company encourages social media involvement.

3.Curate quality content. For example, an intranet would be a perfect home for this content to live. It is easily accessible to all employees and can be as easy as click and post. Ensure that content is constantly refreshed, and outdated material is removed. Read here for other useful social media content and engagement ideas.

4.Reward the top players. Create hashtags that are easily trackable to review key metrics and reward employees who are driving engagement, sales, and even new hires. Rewards can be in the form of gift cards, a paid lunch, or even time off.

For social media to work, you’ve got to trust your people. The ultimate goal of your social media efforts is to involve everyone company-wide and keep them actively engaged in the long run. When you begin to see the value of your employee’s social engagement, and the above tips are carried out, your company can reap the benefits internally and socially.

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