by | Aug 20, 2019

How do you reach employees who are too busy to pay attention to internal communications?

The trouble with emails is employees have to open them. Intranets only work if people actually go there. Digital signage takes zero effort from employees.

Digital signage can be a powerful channel for internal communications because we don’t have to motivate employees to do anything at all. Well-placed monitors in spaces where employees pass through regularly (hallways from parking decks, alcoves outside restrooms) or where they’re waiting for something else (elevators to open, microwaves to buzz, coffee to brew) can convey an endless stream of bite-sized messages.

The more messages the better. Digital signage is one medium where more is more. The larger the deck of slides, the more engaging the channel will be. If you have a dozen slides, they’ll get repetitive quickly. With a deck of 50, employees don’t see the same slide so often.

What kind of messages? We recommend decks that include a wide range of topics:

• Vision and values

• Business strategies

• Sales wins or other evidence of company success

• Quarterly financials infographics

• Employee recognition

• Teasers for articles on intranet or in internal publications

• Screen grabs and teasers for internal videos

• Major new hires or org changes

• Industry awards and big PR wins for media hits

• Sustainability progress

• Volunteer efforts

• Foundation news or charitable contributions

• Upcoming holidays, including those of other countries or business regions

• Open enrollment and other HR deadlines

• Benefits info, from pet insurance to mobile phone discounts

• Wellness tips

• Stress management

• Inspirational quotes

• Upcoming town halls

• IT updates, changes and tips

• Safety

• Change management news

• Weird commemorative holidays, like National Pet Day or Ice Cream Month

We recommend refreshing the digital signage with a new deck of slides every month. You might create one large corporate library and have various regions delete the slides that aren’t relevant for them. For instance, your Indian offices might not care about Independence Day in the U.S. On the other hand, it could be helpful for them to realize the American offices will be closed that day. Just as it might be nice for the Americans to be aware that Diwali is coming up. (For three tips on how to launch a digital signage program, try this blog.)

There are many, many vendors of digital signage technology. (For a start, check out this list from CIO Review.) You might want a touchscreen with the ability to take employees straight to a specific page of the intranet, for instance. You might want more or fewer options for customizing zones. Even the simplest and most inexpensive platform can become a powerful channel for internal communications.

Interested in exploring how to include digital signage in your internal communications channel mix? Tribe can help.




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