by | Aug 22, 2019

An email isn’t effective if employees don’t open it.

Hello email, my old friend. We get them everyday, whether it’s from your favorite clothing store, an Amazon order confirmation, or that resort in Hawaii that keeps sending you information about their great deals. No matter where your emails are coming from, chances are, it wasn’t just copy and pasted into a boring email template.

The reason emails from J.Crew, Whole Foods, and other brands look the way they do, is so that they entice you. They want you to click and check out the new deals, news and product that they want you to see. They look great, so you click. So why aren’t your company emails following the same formula?

Email templates don’t showcase anything. They may have just one standard visual, or it could just be a wall of text that you’re hoping someone isn’t going to send directly to their trash folder (If your company sends a lot of emails, check out this blog). It’s important in internal communications to break through the clutter and get busy employees to engage with your message.

When you’re developing your next email, think of how you can simplify it. Maybe less text and more image. Maybe there’s a way you can summarize the article for them via email and then drive them to the company intranet to read the whole article.

Email is a great way to get information to the eyes of your employees, but they’re not going to look at it very long if it’s not engaging. Larger headers, more color, stronger visuals are all simple ways to make your email pop, and help get away from the standard email template that is so easily ignored.

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