by | Sep 5, 2019

You’ve put the money, time, and energy into creating a company newsletter, but now what? Next, you have to get employees to open and actually read it.

In a perfect world, a newsletter would be like presents on Christmas morning. Each employee would be filled with anticipation to see what’s inside. But there’s already so much competition for your employee’s attention. Emails, company surveys, town hall, coffee talks, the list goes on and on.

How do you ensure that your employees are reading your newsletter? You make it about them.

There’s no good reason you shouldn’t be treating employees like customers when it comes to communications. You should be selling them on your content and its value, then you have to spin it so they see how the content is relevant to them or their jobs.

So, this is why we’ve gathered five content ideas that will get your employees hooked on your newsletter.
  1. Add job postings. Job postings help show how the company is growing and changing, which employees value. Plus, it helps them think about their career path within the company.
  2. Create lists. Who doesn’t love a good list? Top 10 restaurants near the office. The top 5 employee dog pictures. Top 5 desk set ups. This content provides a way for employees with common interests to connect. The lists can be anything – so, here’s your chance to get creative.
  3. Include survey answers. Surveys encourage a culture of feedback while helping employees know they are being heard.Hold surveys based around organizational changes, policy updates, or company culture.
  4. Post employee profiles. Who is Allen from Marketing? What does he like to do after work? Employee profiles are a great way to connect the office. It encourages community and culture, and allows an open door for colleagues to connect, even across global locations. It also helps colleagues connect each other’s personal work to the company as a whole.
  5. Highlight teams. Who exceeded their sales goals this quarter? Who onboarded a new client? Which coworkers set up an office intramural football team?Focus on a new team each newsletter and highlight their achievements and why their successes are crucial to the company.

Getting employees to engage with your internal newsletter is both an art and a science. The best way to find out which content hits home and resonates with employees is to experiment. Once you find a few content ideas that are working, get creative with design to maximize engagement. Learn more about launching a newsletter letter here.

Ultimately, employees want to read about themselves and their colleagues. While your newsletter should focus on company announcements, organizational tools, key department documents, it should also include enticing content based around the people who live and breath the culture.  

If you want more content ideas for your company newsletter, Tribe can help.

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