by | Sep 13, 2019

Are you looking for the silver bullet to internal communications success? Well it doesn’t exist. But we may have something pretty darn close. After working with countless clients on a variety of internal communications projects, we’ve discovered a trend in what companies typically need to improve the state of their internal communications.

Whether the company is big, small, spread out geographically, or majority non-desk – it all seems to boil down to the same concepts. Tackling this checklist may take a couple years to accomplish, but once the foundation is set, an internal communications success story could be within reach. 

  1. A strong mission, vision and values. Make sure you’ve defined why your company is here and what you’re trying to accomplish. Employees need a mission to connect them to their work, a vision to inspire them to achieve, and values to keep them loyal for the duration of their career. (Read more about this topic here)
  2. An engaging employer brand. Developing this platform helps the company communicate in an engaging and consistent manner. This can make internal content more interesting while also preventing design fatigue from the external brand. And don’t forget to make a hashtag worthy rallying cry that can be featured in employee generated content.
  3. Working channels. What good is an intranet that’s too cluttered to read? Or a newsletter that only reaches a quarter of your audience? Spending all the time and effort in the world on your internal messages won’t make a difference if they’re not reaching your employees. Taking time to understand what channels to ditch and what channels to fix could be the key to making your internal communications a success.
  4.  A committed communications team. Not every company has the resources for an internal communications department – it may be HR, Talent, or Marketing in charge of delivering the message. But what’s important is that there is someone making internal communications a top priority and dedicated to keeping the messages timely, accurate and consistent.

Even if you can check off two or three of these tasks easily, it’s really a combination of all four that drive a force in your company and make a difference. The mission, vision and values inspire the development of the employer brand, which is spread throughout the company using working channels and the whole process is carried out by your communications team.

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