by | Oct 24, 2019

Time – there is never enough of it.Is it what stops most managers from being great communicators?

Most likely, yes. Every manager has competing demands for their time, so devoting extra resources to communication may feel impossible and it sadly becomes just another item on their daily to-do list.

Fortunately, there are fast and simple ways to tackle this issue. These engagement tips may not be rocket science, but when done right they can reap big rewards.

1.Smile. Smiling may seem trivial, but this humble gesture has science behind it to back it up. Research shows that making a conscious effort to smile not only makes you feel better, but it improves the mood of others – making employees more open to communicating.

So, try smiling for just 15 seconds. Studies suggest it tricks your brain into releasing neurochemicals that actually do make you feel happier.

2.Ask open ended questions. It’s disheartening to be greeted with silence when asking if anyone has questions. It’s more effective to ask open-ended questions that encourage employees and colleagues to offer personal opinions on specific issues.

“What concerns do you have with this new initiative?” “How do you feel about this change?” “What do you like most about the new fitness program?” Read here for more tips on two-way communication.

3.Introduce senior leaders to your team. Making your employees feel valued is the easiest way to increase communication. Any easy way to make them feel valued is by introducing them to senior leaders whenever the opportunity arises.

If you are on a job site and senior leaders visit, ask them to walk around with you so that you can introduce them to the team. If you are in the office, ask them to stop by on their way to lunch for a quick and easy meet and greet. Not only does this make your team feel important, it also makes your leaders more approachable. 

4.Ask for feedback. Take one minute at the end of the day or at the end of a one-on-one meeting to ask an employee if there’s anything they need from you or what they would like done differently. Above all, showing the initiative to gather feedback sends a clear message, that you want to help your team deliver and are always open for improvement. 

Fast engagement tactics like these can help managers build deeper trust and stronger relationships with their teams, ultimately making everyone better communicators.

Do you need even more engagement tactics to communicate with your employees? Tribe can help.

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