by | Nov 14, 2019

If you know how to use an internal communications calendar, it can be an extremely powerful tool by improving the quality, efficiency and consistency of communications. However, if it is half-heartedly created or a rarely opened file, then you’re no better than where you started.  

An internal communications calendar should be a collaborative effort that includes communications from every department, location and segment of the business. It should have calendarized messaging, be divided by channel and frequently updated. Once you have the initial framework, learning how to use an internal communications calendar couldn’t be easier.

Here are four basic steps on how to use and make the most of your communications calendar:

  1. Pick your audience. Charting every event, initiative, launch and holiday on the calendar helps give you a birds’ eye view of everything going on in the company. This can help you  target your ideal audience by mapping out exactly who will be effected. A surprising result may be that you realize the communication is important to all audiences and should be communicated company-wide.
  • Choose your channels.  Another great part of an internal communications calendar is having every channel under one roof. If there are too many emails going out this week, turn your communication into an intranet article. Does your message only need to reach non-desk employees? Schedule it as a digital sign. Cascading communications can now become a science rather than a guessing game.
  • Create an overall theme. Reinforcing important messages throughout all communications is usually an afterthought and or happens sporadically throughout the year. A communications calendar does the work for you by scheduling the messages to focus on a different value each month, or spreading out the four pillars of a new initiative over four quarters.  
  • Double check your work. And finally, don’t forget to frequently check your calendar for things you may have overlooked. Finding out you’re launching your new intranet during open enrollment can help you avoid a major disaster.

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