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When I first started my internship at Tribe in June 2019, I expected to learn new ways of organization. As a people person myself, I figured– and hoped– I’d be learning new people skills as well. I hoped that I wouldn’t stick out. I wanted to create a positive reputation for myself by doing well in what I was given. My intention was to go beyond their expectations of what an intern was. 


Usually when you think of an office, you imagine draining fluorescent lights, isolating cubicles, and a scary boss everyone tries to avoid. However, the day I started working at Tribe, I was met with a warm, open environment with nice lighting and the coolest boss you’ll ever meet, Elizabeth Baskin. At first, I was mildly intimidated to be working with people who are all older than me and seemingly have their lives together. 

My first few days here, I would do my work and keep to myself. During lunch I’d quietly eat crackers at my desk, while everyone sat at the table with each other and talked because I was too nervous to say anything. But, it didn’t take long for me to break out of my shell. As of now, I look forward to eating lunch with everyone because it’s always a good chance to get to know people just a little better. Although there is a slight age gap between me and the people I work with, I never felt left out or insignificant.

Useful skills

Throughout this journey, I’ve definitely had my fair share of slip ups, but that’s just a part of learning. Overall, I did very well seeing as I was allowed to come back to work for my winter break. I found that I’ve really grown since my first day here. My expectations of this internship were not only met, but exceeded. My organizational and research skills notably improved, and I was able to use them in my third semester in college.

This experience was very hands on, which I enjoyed very much. I learn best when I’m doing as I’m learning. What I liked about this hands-on learning experience was the skills I gained. I would get to sit in on meetings and learn the ins and outs of client and company meetings. One of my favorite days over the winter break, was learning how to use InDesign. I’ve always wanted a taste of what graphic design was like. With the help of one of Tribe’s designers, I was able to play around with it just to try it out. (For more on getting the most out of your interns, try this blog. For the value of offering internships, you might like this Forbes article.)


My biggest takeaway would be that to work at Tribe is to be flexible. I learned to always be ready for a new task that may come at me. I only hope I can continue to improve these skills for the rest of my days working here. It’s been amazing to see the things I worked on actually be used by the company. Every task I’ve completed during this internship has made an impact, which is something that’ll always keep me going. From creating the master list, which improved my skills in Excel, to making edits on a facts sheet about Pittsburgh, which improved my research and writing skills, to compiling and sorting presentations, which improved my patience and organization, everything played a part in developing these valuable skills. I really enjoy working at Tribe, it’s unlike any other job experience.

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By Cheyne Thompson-Quartey

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