by | Mar 10, 2020

The goal when developing an employer brand promise is to articulate what’s authentic to your culture, and also meaningful to the diverse range of people who work at your company. At Tribe, we often say that we know we’re getting closer when we begin to hear the same themes from different employee audiences.

Considering audience segments

During the discovery process, it’s important to check a whole lot of boxes. You need to know not only what working here means for your corporate employees, but also for those in manufacturing, in retail, in call centers and wherever else your people work. If you’re a global company, you need to hear from employees in other regions. In a company that’s grown through acquisitions, you’ll want to talk to employees from that full range of legacy companies. Be sure to include people from different generations, genders, ethnic backgrounds and seniority levels.

One promise, different ears

Once you begin to hone the language for your employer brand promise, you need to hear it through the ears of all those different audience segments. Something that’s meaningful for corporate employees might not feel relevant to those customer-facing employees working in your hotels or restaurants or stores. A employer brand promise that excites engineers may not have any relevance for people in sales. A phrase that stirs the blood of American employees might fall flat in India.

When you get it right, the employer brand promise will be meaningful to all those audience segments — and to different parts of their work and lives as well. If magic strikes, the employer brand promise excites employees about their individual contributions to the overall success of the company and to the world around them, about their career tracks, being part of a team and even their personal wellness.

But it takes a lot of work to get to a handful of words that can do all that. For more on how an employer brand can help you recruit more of the right candidates, you might like this Forbes Agency Council article.

Interested in developing your employer brand? Tribe can help. Or for more on the topic, see this Best Practices one-pager.

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