by | Apr 9, 2020

Good communication is key to the success of any workplace. And even though the number and types of communication tools are expanding, email and meetings remain constant methods for many organizations.

However, with the uptick in TikTok, Zoom meetings, and YouTube becoming the second largest search engine, video is quickly becoming the go-to communication tool within companies.

Video is a great resource for your internal communications strategy. Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. (3M Corporation) Businesses who are beginning to use the power of video to improve employee engagement are future-proofing their workplace.

Here are three reasons you should be using video to communicate with your employees:

1. Video creates interest

Anyone can send out a newsletter or email, but video captures people’s attention. How many dozens of newsletters go unread? How many memos get skimmed, but don’t receive the attention they might require? You can communicate the same thing in a video that a memo or newsletter might explain.

Detail company policies, new client wins, or maybe even highlight the work of an individual or group. In many cases, people will be more likely to and pay attention to the video. (Read this blog to find out how long is too long for your video.)

2. The top becomes accessible

In most large companies, employees may never be in the same room as the CEO or other top executives. It’s important to build human connection between employees and their leadership, and internal communications can help with that.

With the use of video, CEOs, or any members of the leadership team can be humanized by simply sitting in front of a computer webcam and talk through a communication that otherwise would have been sent by email. These can also be a time to host “Ask Me Anything” sessions, employee recognitions or organizational announcements. 

3. Together is better

Townhalls or company-wide meetings can easily be streamed to all employees, no matter where they are located. Meeting live streams keep everyone in the loop and help remote employees feel connected. Record or livestream company kickoffs, fireside chats, and lunch and learn presentations so remote employees can participate or employees who couldn’t attend can feel like they were there.

Ultimately, videos can help build a human connection with leadership and make heroes of employees. Videos can easily bring the company’s vision and values to life. And remember, for quick engagement videos like these, they don’t need to be a polished production. It just needs to be real. Plus, a smartphone can work wonders these days.

Interested in using video to communicate with your employees? Tribe can help.

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