by | Apr 23, 2020

Evaluating your work-from-home communications channels is a necessity during a time where most companies have an increase in remote workers. What once worked before, like digital signage and posters, will not have the same effect if your employees are no longer located in the building.

The good news is there are plenty of other channels to consider and ways to get creative in messaging. Just because employees are working from home, does not mean the communications should cease, or only come from email. Rethinking your work-from-home communications channels and strategy can help you inform and engage remote workers during this time.

Below is a list of work-from-home communications channels that could be worth exploring within your company:

  1. Intranet digital signage: Repurpose digital signage by having it scroll through on the home page of your intranet, instead of on a monitor in the office. This keeps employees informed using the same bite-sized tidbits and builds the habit of visiting the intranet for up to date content. 
  • Refrigerator magnets: Mailing home refrigerator magnets to remind employees of upcoming benefit enrollment periods, project schedules or even work-from-home tips can be an effective way to reach staff every day without having to send multiple emails.
  • Weekly newsletter: Weekly touchpoints can be beneficial by updating employees on what is happening in the company and equipping them with what they need to do their job. This is also an excellent work-from-home communications channel to feature a Q&A and display answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Event-in-a-box: If your company has an upcoming anniversary or launch that would normally be celebrated in person, you can still carry out the celebration at home. Not only does it keep employees connected, but can be a morale booster as well.
  • Webinars: Platforms like Zoom or other web-calls can be used for fun, team-building activities like trivia or cocktail hours, but also to host large meetings with employees around the world. Most can hold up to 10,000 participants. So, instead of cancelling lunch and learns, town halls, training sessions, or other meetings normally done in person – consider moving to a virtual solution.

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