by | May 14, 2020

Back-to-work signage is the new hot priority for internal communications. As companies begin to bring employees back to the office after months of working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, they’ll do so with a whole new approach to working in shared space. And they’ll use signs posted throughout the workplace to remind employees of the many new guidelines for working together safely.

Avoid amateur signage

This back-to-work signage will represent your employer brand as much as your intranet and your career site do. (For more on the employer brand, see this Forbes post.) Don’t make the mistake of leaving it up to admins or facilities folks to type something up in PowerPoint and add some bad line art. Although the results can be pretty funny.

One of the funniest we’ve seen is a sign urging employees not to avoid physical contact. The visual, inside the standard circle with a line through it, was an inexplicable icon of two men boxing. Hilarious, actually, but not a particularly clear communication — or one that presented the brand well.

Apply the same brand standards to your back-to-office signage as you would any other highly visible employee communications. As one of Tribe’s clients said recently, “I don’t want a bunch of tacky signs all over the office.”

Signs that support the employer brand

For that client, a global IT company, Tribe created a series of signs that reflected not only the brand standards, but also the culture of the company. Although some of the directives were firm, we worked to keep the language human and friendly, instead of sounding like a schoolteacher wagging a finger. And even though minimizing the risk of contagion is a serious subject, some of the signs used a little bit of gentle humor. Because this is a culture of smart, witty and friendly people.

Interested in internal communications that help express your culture? Tribe can help.


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