by | Jul 9, 2020

Design for internal communications doesn’t need to be conservative and lack-luster. What it does need to be is true to your brand and engaging. It doesn’t take much to spruce up your current communications and it doesn’t have to be difficult either. These three tips can help you jumpstart the look and feel of your internal communications and start getting the attention your creative work deserves.

Tip #1: Use your color palette

Chances are, your current communications look very monochromatic. Using that one staple color of your brand and flooding the page with it. If you take your brand guidelines and turn to the next page in the brand color section, I bet you’ll find a secondary color palette. These colors have been handpicked by a creative professional to compliment your primary palette. Use these secondary colors to your advantage. Introduce color to subheads of emails, add a color block with text as a header on your intranet. When designing for internal communications, these secondary colors help diversify the creative work, yet stay completely on brand. (If this interests you, check out this past blog)

Tip #2: Introduce Icons

When developing visuals for internal communications, icons are a great way to incorporate an eye-catching element without having to do too much extra work. For starters, you may find that within your brand resources you already have an icon library at your fingertips. When talking about finance, use a calculator icon. If you’re introducing a new vacation policy, opt for the palm tree or sun icon. Not every sentence or section of a communication needs an icon, but toss a few in, and it will help break-up the wall of text and get more eyes reading all the way through.

Tip #3: Keep it Simple

This may be the most important of the tips listed. When you’re designing for internal communications, don’t make it complicated. Stick to simple language, with use of headlines and subheads. Add in a pop of color and you’ve got a winner. Often times, when a company is sending out a corporate email, it’s important to make sure people read all the way through. By keeping it simple, adding color and a visual element, you have a better chance of retaining your audience and staying true your brand. (Check out this blog for creating visual harmony)

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