by | Jul 22, 2020

Though it may sound strange, it is actually a good idea to encourage employees to cultivate wellness during Covid-19. Here are some things to consider:

Wellness is more than physical fitness

Previous wellness communications may have been more focused on physical health – now is a good time to place more importance on other aspects of health, like the emotional and financial ones.

When announcing wellness challenges or events, make sure to include activities that have less to do with physical fitness, like journaling, calling an old friend or cooking a new healthy recipe. Financial aspects are also extremely important, especially if some of your employees have been furloughed.

Wellness activities can restore daily structure

Some employees struggle to replace the structure that showing up in the office brought to their lives. Employees may have had a lot of momentum with their fitness habits by using office fitness centers or heading to the gym right after work. With those options being taken away, some people might have lost the rhythm of their days.

Wellness activities and challenges can help segment their days and break up the monotony of an isolated day. Even though previous fitness routines and options have been disrupted, there’s plenty of space for new habits to form. Making room for physical activity may actually be an important way to preserve emotional balance.

Without the routine of a morning meditation session, an afternoon bike ride or outdoor strength training during a lunch break, your employees may go the whole day without taking their minds off work (or going outside). That creates a sensation of days running together, making some of the more arduous workdays feel even longer.

Individual wellness is good for everyone

Of course, it’s best for your comms to reflect that your top priority is their safety. All wellness communications can enhance that without suggesting activities that are currently high-risk, like playing pickup basketball or heading to crowded gyms.

Wellness habits are good for your company, your employees and all of the communities that you’re each a part of. As the pandemic continues, remind your employees that taking care of themselves is benefits them and everyone else.

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