by | Sep 3, 2020

Using stock photos to portray employees is a common mistake that many companies make when sharing their communications. Employees immediately recognize that the people in those photos are professional models, not colleagues. This undermines the authenticity of your internal communications. Why not try employee photography?

Thinking about scheduling a photoshoot during this time sounds like a challenge, but we’ve talked with two photographers that Tribe has used with great results. They’ve delivered libraries of photos for our clients that are able to be used over and over in internal communications of all kinds.

Chris Davis has been shooting for agencies and brands all across America. With 28 years of experience, he’s been able to capture genuine, authentic images that show real people in their real places.

Kevin Garrett, an award-winning photographer, grew up in South Georgia dreaming of faraway places. He’s since traveled the world taking pictures for some of the biggest brands. He’s always chasing lines and finding creative ways to make employees look like heroes.

Q: How has your approach to employee photography changed over the last few months?

Chris: Safety is key. My plan going forward during the pandemic is to go out of my way to ensure that everyone involved on a shoot is completely comfortable on set. That could mean anything from simply wearing masks to bringing in a medic(s) to make sure that all touched surfaces are wiped clean and that all safety protocols are being followed. 

Kevin: The approach is the same. Quick and efficient, but still making sure we get the shot. For the smaller, faster, editorial-type shoot I am masked and maintain distance as we shoot. Since mid-March I have photographed four doctors in different cities, a national director for an international accounting firm, a national relations estate developer, a hedge fund manager and employees for a regional bank. We post a photo gallery online with a link that the client can share with other decision makers. All review and delivery of photos is handled remotely.

Q: What are some positive takeaways about shooting during this time?

Chris: I feel like this will slow things down a bit, in a good way. I think this will allow for more collaboration. It will also force creatives to focus on what content is the priority.

Kevin: We’re getting to shoot an interesting part of history. These photos we shoot now will not only serve as a great resource today but also as an inside look as to how the day-to-day was during a pandemic and how these companies were able to get through this interesting time.

Want to make your employees look like heroes? Tribe can help.

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