by | Oct 20, 2020

It’s that season again. Pumpkin spice, football, open enrollment, falling leaves …

Employees are gearing up to make big decisions regarding health insurance and other benefit options, which can be very stressful. Clear and effective communication to employees is crucial for a successful benefits enrollment period.

Unfortunately, many employees continue to find themselves bogged down by unfamiliar language and concepts. Try the following tips to ensure you have a smooth open enrollment period:

  1. Simplify. The legal language and benefits terminology may need to stay but help employees out by using summaries or short explanations of the HR-speak in a down-to-earth conversational tone. Terms that are familiar to one person can seem like Greek to another. A more casual voice can translate the legal jargon into human terms.
  2. Don’t forget about design. Clean, professional design can go a long way towards a more effect open enrollment campaign. Give the designer leeway to break out long, dense columns of text to bring in charts, iconography and photography. Your employee’s eyes will thank you.
  3. Take action. Employees want to be told exactly what they need to do to secure their benefits. Give them a brief to-do checklist of the action items they need to take. Don’t forget to utilize different mediums to appeal a variety of employees. Flyers, email blasts and internal social posts can help distribute the message. And don’t forget to communicate to the remote population.

For even more tips, follow our best practices sheet.

Though it can be a stressful time, open enrollment is essential to a balanced, talent-attracting organization. Proper communication gives employees the opportunity to focus on their needs, while driving engagement and satisfaction. Finally, employees who understand the benefits are more likely to engage and use them effectively.

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