by | Dec 10, 2020

The 2021 PANTONE colors of the year have been officially announced; and that’s something those of us who design internal communications pay attention to.  

Pantone actually chose two colors for 2021: Illuminating, which is a bright, cheery yellow, and Ultimate Grey, a light neutral reminiscent of freshly poured concrete.

The 2021 announcement is groundbreaking for two reasons: this is the first time Pantone has ever selected an achromatic shade (Ultimate Grey), and only the second time two colors have been chosen (2016 brought us Rose Quartz and Serenity presented as a gradient).

Color Communicates

Color is important in internal communications because it’s a huge part of how we as a society speak to and communicate with each other. Color can convey sadness, anger and, as represented in the 2021 choice, optimism grounded in reality. (For more on design for internal communications, try this post.)

For internal communications, as well as other communications, this dichotomy of light and dark can help express both the hard times and the bright spots of where we are now.  2020 brought about a huge shift in how we interact, work, and even live. The coming year is critical in internal communications, as employees are looking to their employer for an indication of brighter, better days ahead. For those of us still working from home, our surroundings might feel monotonous or overwhelming, and for those gradually filtering back into the office, our days formerly filled with water cooler talk might now seem to drag without friendly colleague interaction.

Bright spots amidst the gray

At the same time, employees and companies have embraced change, and many positives have emerged from the need to adapt, pivot and figure out new ways to work together.  Many employees are finding improved life balance, family time and wellness without lengthy commutes or business travel. Amidst the gray, there’s also bright, sunshiney yellow.

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