by | Jan 21, 2021

The new year is a great time to consider the story you’ve told. It’s a great time to assess whether the overall narrative of your internal communications helped align day-to-day actions of employees with leadership’s vision. It’s a great time to see if you stuck to your communications calendar. Or maybe it’s a time to include calendarization in your communications strategy for 2021.

Telling a story

The Sunday before last, the New York Times ran a section in the paper that documented the daily email communications from Senior Night Editors. The emails instruct daytime editors and writers around the world on what the news of the day will look like. These emails set the tone for what the next issue will include. When read chronologically, the emails tell the very interesting story of 2020.

Some days the news was predictable. But most often, the editors were reacting to a story that may not have had historical precedent. It was that kind of year. And you could see how often an event would knock the newspaper off of its planned stories and onto a new one.

Staying on message

It was a really interesting section to read. But it got me thinking about how difficult it was for Tribe’s clients to stay on message throughout the year and ensure that employees are receiving the communications they need. And it got me thinking about calendarizing your company’s key messaging.

Calendarizing the plan

When Tribe builds a communications strategy, we generally build it around calendarization. We determine the most logical way to line up communications at the appropriate times of the year to ensure that the employee audience is receptive to the message – and that the communication actually helps them better understand what’s expected of them. Another great benefit to this approach is that it fights the urge to blast employees with a firehose of information.

We wrote a blog a few years back that details Tribe’s approach to calendarization.

But the calendar is not made of concrete and steel. From time to time, events of the day will knock you off message. Global pandemics, civil unrest and discourse, natural disasters. You know, 2020.

But if you’ve gone through the strategic exercise of building calendarization into your internal communications strategy, it’s much easier to get back on message — keep employees aligned and move the business strategy forward

Need help building a communications calendar? Tribe can help.

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