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Does your company provide employees with templates for email signatures? And if so, do most people use them?

One of the most basic elements of internal communications is providing two-way dialogue. When someone sends an email with no signature, they’re making that ongoing conversation more difficult.

Email signatures make it easier for people to respond. Of course, they can always just hit reply, but what if they’d prefer to talk by phone? Or what if they can’t quite place the sender and need a title to understand the reason for the email?

By providing branded email templates and encouraging everyone in the company to use them, you’re helping to maintain your brand. When left to their own devices, some employees can get pretty creative with email signatures, incorporating their own design elements and text. Branded templates help support your brand, internally and externally.


Provide an email template with these elements:

            • Company logo

            • Name

            • Title

            • Business unit or division, if applicable

            • Phone

If you want to incorporate a visual into the signature, be sure to do it wisely. Well-designed imagery in email signatures can really boost your brand, however, don’t overdo it! Use images for what’s most important. Otherwise, your signature will become cluttered and at risk for deliverability issues. For help including imagery, see these best practices.


Stick to your brand guidelines, of course, and keep the design simple, since the email signature will be viewed small. And keep hierarchy of the information in mind as you structure the template.

Since the email signature will be seen both inside and outside the company, you probably want to use your external brand guidelines. For thoughts on how the internal brand and external brand might differ, try this blog.


Have you ever seen an email resolution that looks sort of out of focus? They’re small by nature, so the resolution can be an issue. For best results, provide employees an email signature template in this format:

• File format: PNG

• Width: 300-450 pixels

• Height: 60-120 pixels

• Resolution: 72 dp1.

Finally, be sure to let employees know where to find the email signature template, and encourage them to create their own and use it.

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